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Management idea:honesty, practicability, innovation, all-win
Company mission:Honesty is the best policy, development is the absolute principle
Corporation vision:to be the first-class company of Chinese logistics industry

Core Value:
Responsibility, Professional, Creation !
Team Spirit, Customer Focus !
Sharing Experience, Keeping Advance !
Corporation Culture:
Hardworking, Result-oriented, Customer-oriented, ,
Efficient, Pragmatic, Fair
Democratic, Competitive
Eradicating office politics and bureaucratism
Group interests first, individual interests second.

MSI Advocacy:
MSI Group advocates talents cultivation, offers positions as per speciality and emphasizes responsibility and creation.

MSI Beliefs:
-We believe company rules and regulations bring justice and significance.
-We believe initiative is long-standing
-We believe success results from constant efforts.
-We believe business development is no restricted.
-We believe complete organization structure is essential.
-We believe personality is the treasure.
-We believe contributing to company is as same as contributing to family.
-We believe contributing to industry development is important.
-We believe devoting ourselves to charity is meaningful.

Training and Development:
-MSI Group can provide complete training for staff to strengthen themselves, the training including specialized knowledge, management knowledge, cases and experience sharing and so on.

- We can provide abundant resources and opportunities for staff to achieve success based on the firm relationship with numerous official and semi-official organizations, airlines and overseas agents.

- Our staff can improve their ability via attending all kinds of social or commercial activities to get the latest information about the market condition and development.